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ServiceM8 Training

VersaciLabs will get you up and running with ServiceM8 in no time. We’re a qualified ServiceM8 training company and run easy to understand training sessions. Our training can be done in person onsite, in our office training room or online.

We train everyone from management, admin and field staff so everyone knows how to use the online dashboard and app.

ServiceM8 training.

Field Staff Training - Mobile App

  • Basic workflow in the app
  • How to start and navigate to a job
  • Completing a job, taking payment, issuing an invoice

Dispatch Training

  • The job life cycle
  • How to use the Dispatch board
  • Communicating with staff
  • Creating templates, services, asset lists
  • Setting up automation and GPs tracking
  • Importing and exporting materials and invoices

Manager Training

  • Reports
  • Managing staff security roles
  • Adding and removing staff

Finance Training

  • Understanding the invoicing page
  • How to work with integrated and non-integrated accounting packages
Dispatch, Manager and Finance training available.
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