Recurring Bookings

Create recurring or multiple job bookings for a single job without creating a new job. This is useful when you have a recurring task or event that does not require a new job to be made, such as meetings, in-house tasks or an employee leaving early.

Bookings will only appear on your dispatch board when they are within a month away.

Initial Use

On your Modify Job Board, press Addons, then press Recurring Bookings.

If you have not authenticated the Addon you will be faced with the below screen

Press Start Authentication and press Allow. After this you can close the tab that was opened.

When that is completed, press the Reload button.

Using the Addon

Press the Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly radio buttons to select your pattern type, and press the radio button to the right of them to select what pattern you would like to run.

After you have done this, insert a Start Date (if required) and your End Date.

Then input the time of the booking, make sure you type in the 24 hour time. For example, 4PM is 16. Then use the dropdown to select the minutes in 15 minute intervals. Do the same for duration, and type how many hours (and/or minutes) you want the booking to last.

After this using the select box, press what staff member you would like to create the bookings for. If you want to add multiple staff members, hold CTRL on your keyboard. If you want to add whole groups of staff members, hold CTRL + SHIFT, press on the top staff member, then the member on the bottom and it will select all in between.

When you are happy with your settings, press the Set Schedule button. Note that this will clear any schedule you have created in the past for that job. It may take up to 15 minutes for your activities to appear on your dispatch board, don't worry though, it very rarely ever takes this long!

If you want to clear your schedule, press the Cancel Schedule button.